Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why Pacquiao not Marquez?

pacquia vs. marquez

Last November 13 was the fight between the no. 1 pound for pound Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao against the best counter puncher Juan "Dynamita" Marquez. They are fighting for the welter weight division category. On the early rounds I cannot still determined who is leading or who owns the round because the fight was really close. Both of the fighters box well and landed their punches almost the same. But on the 6 to 8 rounds Marquez dominated due to the solid punches released and landed on the face of Manny that gets him hurt badly. A lot of audience particularly Mexican audience that it's their time to take revenge but at the end Manny emerged as the winner via majority decisions.

Why Pacquiao not Marquez? These are one of the questions being raised as it was announced after 12 rounds. Well personally yes indeed I would be on the side of Marquez because of the impressive performance he did. But it turns out that my mind was change and I'm on favor with Pacquiao due to technical reasons.

1. Pacquiao is the champion and Marquez is the challenger and it should be the challenger must be more aggressive in initiating the fight.
2. Boxing is a two way process box and counter not most of the time you defend but you need to attack.
3. Judges scored not based on the impact or the power he release with his punches to his opponent. It is based on the strategic point like head and some parts of the body.
4. Champion has the advantage since he will just protect his title unlike with the challenger he must grab the title by any good means.
5. Pacquiao's point is not as far with Marquez it was very close fight.

So with these reasons, technically I would still say that it was Pacquiao who emerge as the champion. But in all fairness to Marquez he was able to break the statement for Pacquiao as Mexican executioner. But bottomline they made a good fight!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Outdoor experienced in Cebu

places in cebu
I usually called Friday " A Free Day Friday". It doesn't mean that I don't have work anymore. This is just the best time to review, evaluate all pending projects and concerns that has been raised since Monday. I also conduct regular meeting and a sort of team building with my team where we play games, eat at the same time making jokes out of nothing.

The team has decided why not to go something which is not usually done. Fishing as all of us agreed for our outdoor team building activity. We search in google where we can have our fishing activity in Cebu and it resulted to "Papa Kits". This can be found in north bound area particularly in Liloan. Basically 30 minutes travel from Cebu City and the land mark is near with the Municipality of Liloan just turn right you will see a signage and gate going to Papa Kits. An entrance of 100 pesos but consumable for food and drinks. Cottage is cost 600 for the big one and 200 for the small. Fishing rod is worth 50 pesos and bait is 10 pesos.
There is a shuttle that bring you to the top most of Papa Kits where you can also experience 800 meters zipline which will pass thru an island. It cost around 200 pesos but 50% discount for succeeding rides.

For me it is a new experience. I have never been to fishing and I thought it is quite boring but I was wrong in fact fishing is like a hobby for me. Now I know how it feels like once you caught a fish. Zipline was also nice and can even conquer you fear of height. It is just like I'm doing an extreme sports. It was really tired but worth to keep for a very memorable experience, a totally different from the hangouts I usually have.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Cebu's World Class Guitar

Places in Cebu

Guitar is one of the most common used string instruments all over the world.  I just wondering where can I buy good guitars.  I used to play guitar since elementary and I can determine what is good and bad guitar.  I tried to search in google and it lead me to Cebu again.  Well no doubt  for it,  I tried to go to the downtown area particularly in Manalili St. near Carbon market and  there I saw different guitars hanging with various designs and forms.  Then I do strumming and it sounds good same as what John Mayer and Eric Clapton used.  The best thing is it only sells a very least price and I was really amazed.  I was not expecting that a world class guitar comes with a very cheap and affordable price.  Aside in Carbon ,  I heard that it can be found in Lapulapu and still part in Cebu.  Tourist and even known artist and musicians are also patronizing our guitar product.  In fact they use to buy and sell it to other countries.  They said that the secret is they do it with bare hands and no technology applied just the traditional way of making.  So Cebu is not only known for delicious food, beaches but it also known a world class guitar instrument ever produce.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Lechon Festival in Talisay City Cebu

festival in cebu
October 15 is the fiesta of Talisay City and known for their "Lechon Festival" in honor of Patron St. Sta. Teresa de Avila.  Lechon was introduced during Spanish regime and it is mostly referred to pork dish and eventually the main course for Filipino dishes.

Talisay City is situated south bound and one of the major cities comprises Cebu.  It was derived from "Mantalisay tree" which is abundant on the city.  It has 22 barangays and I live there for almost 3 decades now.

Now going back,  a lot of people are looking forward to buy lechon during the big day since this will be cut off almost half of its original price.  I remember that it took me an hour to lined up just to buy 100 pesos per kilo worth of lechon.  Even people who are not resident in Talisay are making reservations.
I interviewed most of them and they say that its not the price but its the taste that makes it different from others. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cebu's Best Fruit

choose cebu

Before I go to the office,  I usually drop by on the fruit stand near Sto. Rosario Church.  I have notice various kinds of mangoes and I bought one and bring it to the office, it cost around 60 pesos per kilo.  Quite expensive but I tasted it and voila the best mango I ever tried.

They said that Cebu has the best mango to produce through out Philippines.  No questions on that since we can only find dried mangoes as one of the "pasalubong" .   My friends from outside Cebu always ask me to buy them one.  Indeed, it was also been exported to other countries since the quality and quantity to produce can be done here in Cebu.  The tropical weather and abundant land is the main factors why we have the best mango ever produce.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Why choose Cebu?

choose cebu
To begin with I would like to give you an overview of what is choose Cebu all about.  Well basically it talks more on what's inside Cebu.  This may pertains to culture, events, history, people, places, songs, food and etc. that can only be found on Cebu.  I am a pure Cebuano,  where I never been transferred to any places.  For almost 30 years of existence I was able to witnessed this place from a very simple way of living to a very urbanized well plan place , tall buildings , nice beaches, malls everywhere and good housing area.

Cebu is also known as the "Queen City of the South" because it is strategically located at the center of  the Philippines.  It is also accessible from North to South.  Major commercial activities happened here as well.

So to all viewers out there be a part of discovering Cebu.  It was indeed a great place,  choosing Cebu is choosing eternal happiness.


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